Cryptocurrency Insurance Made Easy

Simple signup. Absurdly fast claims. 

Traditional insurance can be a confusing experience. Cyber‑Insur provides easy-to-use insurance to protect individuals holding cryptocurrency in exchange hot wallets. No more long applications or unreliable claims settlements.

We will fully insure Coinbase and Binance at launch. You decide where we expand our coverage.  

Hot Wallet Insurance 

Exchange wallets are constantly at risk from cyber theft. Cyber-Insur will offer individuals insurance for up to $50,000. Since 2011:

Over 32 major exchange hacks  

$1.4 billion USD stolen  

More than $7.3 billion USD stolen in present-day value  

The Insurance Revolution 

Cyber-Insur is a regulated insurance carrier owned by you, the policyholders. When we have more money than we need, YOU receive a payout. We receive a flat fee to run your company. Join the movement to bring insurance back to the people.

The Technology Driving Cyber‑Insur

Our powerful blockchain technology and clever AI is designed to change and disrupt the traditional insurance arena forever.  

Through our technology we will replace underwriters and adjusters to create a transparent and low-cost insurance experience you can trust.  


A 3:60 Policy 

3 minutes to read your entire policy, 60 seconds to get insurance, and 60 seconds to pay your claim. We are committed to providing you with easy-to-use services and peace of mind.  

Sign Up

In just 60 seconds


We monitor exchanges 24/7


Claims are paid in just 60 seconds

Risk is Unavoidable 

Many cryptocurrency users are unable to securely store their funds offline. Cyber-Insur is for:


Simple insurance so you can take your first step. 

Day Traders

We cover your risk so that you can safely trade 24/7.  

Bot Users

Your money works hard so you don’t have to. We work harder.  

Focus on your investments while we protect them.